Regeneration Of The Face Skin To Eliminate Acne Scars With Laser Acne Scars Treatments

Anesthetic, socially embarrassing, sometimes very challenging to live with, they arouse complexes in males as in women. Yet solutions exist to make them invisible if not more discreet. The shape and also location of acne differ according to age. That of the adult woman does not create scars. Just the big, very inflammatory pimples of adolescence leave traces.

Affecting nearly 80% of teens, acne is a chronic pathology resulting in the appearance of blackheads, papules and/or pustules on the face, but also the back as well as torso. It is generally bigger and more resistant in boys. Yet the same fear is expressed in all those who develop the very first attack of acne. In the office, consultation usually begins with the following question: "Doctor, will I have scars as well as suggest me the best laser acne scar treatments?"

Prevent The Appearance Of Acne Scars:

To start with, to limit as long as possible the eruptions by the prevention while protecting oneself from the sun (false good friends), preventing the nibbles as well as the industrial food (rich in fats and also fast sugars), removing from its bathroom the cosmetics that can be comedogenic.

Laser acne scar removal Montreal, deal with any beginning acne immediately using medical prescription topical (retinoid for so-called retinol acne, benzoyl peroxide for so-called inflammatory acne and/or local antibiotics with erythromycin) and/or adapted cosmetics based on fruit acids (AHA) and vitamin A.

Lastly, really important, do not succumb to the lure to touch its buttons! No, getting rid of the button yourself with his fingers will not heal quicker on the contrary! The huge danger then would certainly be to leave a hollow scar. Leave it to the medical professional or the skilled esthetician to clean the skin properly!

Recognize An Acne Scar:

Before consulting, know exactly how to differentiate an acne scar. Do not confuse a brand still red and flat that has not yet had time to heal (it can take a few months or a year) with a real acne scar well installed, hollow and also white.

Target The Right Therapy

The scar has a hollow look basically deep. The problem is to abase without doing damage! The dermabrasion is practiced less because the smoothing gesture is far from perfect as well as the phenol peel stays hefty as well as excruciating, the best results are gotten today thanks to one single technique: the fractional CARBON DIOXIDE laser because it can go deeper with a big margin of safety.

The Condition Of The Skin Immediately After The Laser Treatment

The skin after the laser acne removal is very hot, significantly red and also tense. For about 2 hrs after the therapy, you can really feel a strong burning, which slowly weakens. Her appearance rather precludes a return to work or socializing.

Skin Care After Fractional Laser

Throughout the intensive exfoliation of the epidermis that is for the first 3-5 days after the treatment, you should grease the face with an, specially composed cream several times a day. The patient receives it from us after the procedure. After that you can return to your standard care, and also the fat cream obtained at the doctors can be used, for example, at night for additional skin nourishment.